Unwanted visitors

What a bad luck. My new home was visited by burglars. They’ve stolen some of my junk and good stuff, too.

After I returned from Estonian Grundtvig workshop “Innovative use of Natural Building Materials” in August I decided to start moving my stuff to my house. That was a mistake. As soon as I moved my stuff there I stretched my back while cutting grass in the field. I had been lying in bed for five days, then, since I got better, I decided to make a 160 km bycicleride from Alūksne to Mālpils to participate in http://www.folkdance.lv international four day camp. I stretched my back on 90th kilometer. Had to call my brother to come after me with a car. I was waiting for him for two hours on the side of the highway – one hour standing, because I couldn’t lay down, second hour I could finally lay down, but still in pain and car drivers started to slow down and stare. I spent another week in bed afterwards. I my window I could hear sounds of the rock festival I also wanted but could not attend because of this pain. That was very frustrating. And I was thinking about how much work could I do if I were alright. Every day spent in bed meant less money for me. But that was not it.

Municipality hired some guys to clean the sides of parish roads from bushes and long branches of the trees this summer. Every time I went by on my bicycle, I noticed they were burning wheel tires over the roots of the bushes. That is absolutely ridiculous. I know this is a crime against environment, still there is just not enough people to come together and fight against tire burning. Ministry of environment even gave permission to (#~#* (name of enterprise changed) from Mexico to make cement here in Latvia near to Riga by burning used tires and motor oil shipped from North America. Since our country does not have industry, the emission quotes are being used for burning trash. That is so pathetic and meant I will have no success in fighting for clean environment, anyway I decided to take a picture of those guys while they were doing that, and maybe then start some action by placing the picture on http://www.delfi.lv eyewitness section. As soon as I saw smoke by the road, I was there to take some photos. When I arrived and saw those faces, I felt very uneasy. Municipality hired local alcoholics to do this job. They were lucky not to burn any tires at the moment so I could do nothing.

After my back was whole again, I started to continue to cut grass at my parents house. Then I went to harvest potatoes at my house. It was a beginning of September. When I went there, I saw, somebody has cut all bushes near the parish road, which was crossing my land. I didn’t like it, because I wanted those bushes for myself as a firewood. Those alcoholics were first, moreover, they had cut as much as they could. And they managed to burn three tires on my land. That already was disappointing. And then I see my house.

Those bastards had broken the window and got in. They stole old TV set and monitor, and some other junk I were actually glad to get rid of. But then I see that they ransacked my bags. They’ve taken all the woodcarving tools and all my shoes – the only valuable stuff I had there. They’ve also taken some of my working and other clothes.

I’ve called the police. First thing they did, they asked me to list the stolen stuff. That was a good question. I didn’t know for sure, what I had there, how many socks and gloves, chisels, planes and knives, trousers and shirts. That was just stuff for me. I didn’t even notice, that they stolen most of my violin scores for ensemble and my collection of sound fonts for music composing – things that are absolutely useless for anybody. Police asked also, what was it’s worth. Also a good question. Most of the stuff was used and I bought it for only a few euros or even got for free, so I had count only 500 EUR of damage. But nobody was interested in things, that do not cost money – i.e. time I have to spend to find and obtain all the items from the start. I told the police about tireburners-alcoholics and criminal procedure was initiated. I received a notice. One week passed, no signs of action. I understood everything – 500EUR of damage was much too small to deal with. I went to municipality and asked for the names of those guys. Then I took the list of names to police. A policeman took it, said thanks, then read it and shook his head telling that one of the guys is already well known. Despite the fact that I gave him the name of the person, nothing has been done. Three months and nothing.

I feel really upset. I have learned, that nobody will protect my property except for me. My mistake of course was, that I did not manage to make the place look inhabited. I could at least place some 3W or 5W led lamp to burn all the time in my absence. I made this mistake because of my stretched back – bad health. That in turn was because of my unlucky trip to dance camp – lonelyness. But if we look deeper, all my health and relationship problems are because of sitting at a desk, reading and writing stuff for years since the first grade – a clerk’s lifestyle – it made my back and eyes weak, and who knows what else. I also must realize, that anything I have can be stolen anytime, so I must actually have nothing valuable or things, nobody would steal.

Sometimes I think, that it was a good decision to move some of my stuff there. Because if I hadn’t do that, they would have probably stolen some other stuff, for example heating surface of the ovens in the kitchen or ancient plow entirely made of iron, and that would be much greater loss than those synthetic ‘Made in China’ Adidas sports-shoes. I think, that I must keep some more junk in my house for confusion of burglars in case they come again when I’m gone. They know that I know and police knows and does nothing, so unpunished they probably will come again sooner or later.

There I have another idea. I want to meet those guys. Really. In February when my social insurance will be used, I will receive right to do the eineurojob for the municipality. Those alcoholics that burgled my house were the eineurojobbers. They probably remain like that and then we will meet as colleagues. That will be funny. I hope they are not aggressive.

About the names of those guys. They have Latvian first names and foreign surnames. So I must conclude they were not Latvians. Of course it is not always about the name, but it lets you judge at some extent.


About Pavels Melnis

Independent ecology activist, family farmer, gardener and forestkeeper. Musician: violin, guitar, singing. Hobbies: traveling by bicycle, learning to play different music instruments - accordion, piano, recorder flute, harmonica, drums; languages, theology, prehistory, logbuilding, repairing and recycling. Religious. Ecological. Love all things ethnic and traditional.
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