I sometimes remember how I got fired this spring and applied to Unemployment service. They made me do some Holland’s and other tests in order to define my needs for new education.

In some of the tests was a question “Would you enjoy skydiving?” I answered Yes. There was also another question about extreme sports, which I answered positive. I have never done skydiving. I also have very poor extreme sports experience – I’ve done only breakdance, and never even tried skating, surfing, snowboarding, bmx or other. But I would like to try out those things. And even if not, then I am just too proud as a man, to say No. Don’t want to show myself as a coward, you know.

Well, an outcome of the test was, that I have some psychotic disturbances. Career counselor looked at me and spoke: “How can that be?? You look normal! You look and behave absolutely normal!”

At first I did not understand it, too. But then I realised that these extreme sports questions were intended to indicate nerve problems.

On the other hand I am absolutely absent minded and have concentration difficulties. She gave me a test, and a result was Very Good. Contrary to reality.

This is how they make psychos out of normals, and geniuses out of stupid. 🙂

Fortunately these tests are not relevant and I knew my second intended profession – logbuilder – at least a year before I lost my job in office. Yeah, also cook (especially the one, who makes sweets and muffins), beekeeper, and tractor driver, despite my hatred towards machines. I am afraid, that after the so called “end of the universe” (2012), there will be no more opportunities to study on the account of the government.


About Pavels Melnis

Independent ecology activist, family farmer, gardener and forestkeeper. Musician: violin, guitar, singing. Hobbies: traveling by bicycle, learning to play different music instruments - accordion, piano, recorder flute, harmonica, drums; languages, theology, prehistory, logbuilding, repairing and recycling. Religious. Ecological. Love all things ethnic and traditional.
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