Unwanted visitors 3 – Suspects found guilty

January 13, Friday, 2012. Case of burglary of my country house is tried.

I arrive to the court hall 15 minutes before time. My “beloved ones” were already there. Court smelled like if there was a party all night before a trial, if you know what I mean. I said hello and sat behind them staring at their backs, we remained silent and didn’t move at all for this time before judge and prosecutor came in.

Their story was, that after they finished the work, they got drunk and decided to break into mine and a house of my neighbor. They took some of the stuff, called the taxi and successfully returned home. Everything was done by two women and one man but a witness – previously sentenced man – who was trying to stop his wife and friends by blaming them, therefore not a participant.

That of course is not true. A “taxi” part is definitely a sci-fi. I don’t know why police believed them. There are two options: first one, insanity, and second, apathy. Second of course, because I am not an important person.

I made a small speech, too: if these people will promise to completely stop drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes, then no real penalty is necessary, because I understand that it is not a character of a person, but addictions, that force them to do crimes. They, of course, could not promise something like that, because they have no other point in their lives, but at least they were honest.

They received a few months of suspended sentence each. That means if they behave well for some time, no imprisonment at all.

Women were very sad they are obliged to pay me damages 300 EUR. Almost started to cry. Of course, they definitely were not the only ones who took my stuff. I told them I don’t believe in their story and that it is their choice to cover those other guys. They didn’t say anything and I told them to pay me 30 EUR each month or tell the police of other ones.

I tried to behave friendly to them though. It’s obvious why: I still want to get some money from them; I want to find out about the others; save some nerves both for me and them; and, yes, they live not far away from me, so I don’t want to show myself as an enemy. I tried to make jokes like “how did you tore that cable off the mast” and “how could you carry all those bags tv and crt monitor alone“. They pointed to the guy of course, laughing, it was Janis (don’t build stereotypes about latvians, this guy and others have foreign surnames), hahaha. An we actually thought we were robbing our ex-boss (my uncle). If we knew it is your house now, we would had never come inside and even if we would (this is the place, where I started to regret being friendly) we’d just stay there and wouldn’t go away, hihihi.

One of the women told that about a year before she was here as a victim. Usual alcoholic story – some drunk guy passing buy and starting to beat her with no reason. Broken hand. And now, she says, who would’ve thought she will return to the same place as an offender. It is her first criminal record.

This story made me think that one day I also might be under judgement. I started to think of the possible crimes I could make and things that make me angry. It is hard for me to tolerate crimes against environment. Especially if there is no law enforcement to deal with them.

See previous: https://pavelsmelnis.wordpress.com/2011/12/10/unwanted-visitors-2-suspects-found/

About Pavels Melnis

Independent ecology activist, family farmer, gardener and forestkeeper. Musician: violin, guitar, singing. Hobbies: traveling by bicycle, learning to play different music instruments - accordion, piano, recorder flute, harmonica, drums; languages, theology, prehistory, logbuilding, repairing and recycling. Religious. Ecological. Love all things ethnic and traditional.
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