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Meadow appeares to be an appletree garden, July and August 2012

It is July – a time to make hay. I am still a learner in how to use a scythe and will be for some time more. Reading Jaunsaimnieks un Velns (Settler and devil) destroyed my stereotype about grass cutting … Continue reading

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Biologically valuable grasslands – another chase for EU support. July 2012.

Ministry of agriculture announced that it is possible to apply to be inspected for biological diversity in the fields. In case they admit the field as valuable, I might receive additional money, which would help me pay the land tax … Continue reading

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Ecology presentation in March

In March we had youth work volunteers in Alūksne. Andre from Spain and Maike from Germany. Since I am an ecofreek they asked me to participate in their presentation about ecology and vegetarianism. I was very glad, because already long … Continue reading

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Folk festival Baltica 2012. Health problems.

On November 2011 I joined local folk group “Putnis” from Jaunlaicene. Summer solstice was behind and now it was time for big folk festival Baltica which lasted for several days in Riga and some towns in Latvia.   There was … Continue reading

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Summer solstice 2012

Summer solstice is time when Sun changes it’s light spectrum to a lower one. Before summer solstice there is a slight movement of the earth to the sun, except for equator regions, because of that sunlight is more to the … Continue reading

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Building practice. First bees arrive.

After practical excercises in Ērgļi I had to find myself a building practice. I could build at home, but I had no tools except for my fathers chainsaw. So I contacted local enterprises, but they did not reply. I took … Continue reading

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Time to plant, it’s late spring

I was at school but I managed to sneak away for some time to plant my potatoes, beans and peas. One of the three small fields that I made. To the left there is old asbest roof material. I’m trying … Continue reading

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