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Tractor driving training – to Balvi by bicycle

Part of my programme in Unemployment agency was obtaining a driver’s license of commercial vehicles, that is, big machines. I chose tractor. I always dreamt of horses, not machines, but government has not yet such an option in this age … Continue reading

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Growth of the Soil

Growth of the Soil is a book by Knut Hamsun. A friend, knowing what am I going through, advised me to read it. I learned to read when I was five. I went to school when I was seven, where … Continue reading

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Rye and potatoe harvest and rye planting. Old harrow is back to work.

In august my rye is ready. I cut it with a sickle in a slow and fast ways. Fast way is to grab it low. Slow way is to grab it at the top to allign ears and to take … Continue reading

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Neighbour allows rape on his field

My neighbour rented his field to a rapeseed (Brassica napus or also Canola) farmer. The picture on the top of this page is already a history. Many naive people get childish happy when see yellow fields in may and june. They … Continue reading

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