Farmer wants a wife

What is a farmer without a wife? He is like a ghost trapped in the forests and fields of lonelyness and cold food, cursed to give away his crops to strangers.

But I am not alone anymore. I could have written about it a year before, when it began, but I was not sure how it is going to end. Well, it seems like it is not going to end at all, so I guess it’s alright to wright about it.

I always knew it shall be hard for a radical-eco-supertramp-guy like me to find someone to love. I prepared myself in my mind for a destiny of a lonely scary old herbalist, but still time to time I abandoned my farm for some quests to find a princess of life, who would at least bless me for my efforts of cleaning and giving more life to the world around me.

I was of course more lucky than that. A year ago I found her. And the good luck wishes that she gives really work. First it was a small job, than logbuilding school, then bees came into my yard themselves, and I have never been successful in hitchhiking, but now people started to stop their cars despite the fact that I look like a terrorist with my black beard.

She is even better than just understanding what and why I do. She comes to visit me and then she cooks me, cleans up my place, mends my broken clothes and helps in the garden. She is waiting when I get some animals, because she would love to take care about them. And she asks me to tell stories about God. She also visited me in a school. For me it was like becoming 16 again – I am a student of high school in love – writing her letters and reading her replies instead of schoolbooks. And she of course visited me there.

She still has a job and that means her true arrival is in future, so I have time to better prepare my place. I keep on diging out trash here and there, collect and bring it away. There are still some more bushes to cut and some more trees to plant.

She is from Estonia, some 200 km away from me. So last year was very much travelling for us. She likes to travel. Her family has a country place in Hiiumaa island, so sometimes we have to cross the ocean, so to say. She took me with her to some of her far travels – to Solvik in Sweden and to st.Petersburg in Russia. And we visit dance events here and there in Latvia and Estonia.

Solvik Solvik Solvik

Peter I Spas na Krovi IMG_5017 st.Petersburgh

I learned a lot together with her. For example, that pancake dove for my spelt&milk flat pancakes has to be made a day before, then pancakes taste much better. She introduced Kama into my life, and now I almost always add some rhy and wheat flour to my yoghurt or soar milk. Barley, peas and beans I am not making myself at the moment. Her grandfather taught me how to clean chimneys with a stoneball and juniper branches. I started to use to predict wind direction when planning my bicycle travels, so that the wind would blow in my back, which makes it so much easier to go. I took over her trick to prepare food in square pot in wood fired livingroom oven, which helps when I don’t want to light the stove in the kitchen, she showed me how to apply linen oil on wooden surfaces. She is a folk-kannel (baltic harp) player, and I improved my skills in it while visiting her. She has a lot of folk, farming, ecological friends, who I got to know and they told and showed me a lot of useful things, like chopping sticks against the edge of a log with an axe to make a quick firewood instead of sawing, install electric pasture fence, broaden my view in diversity of food – I have some celery growing at the window in the middle of the winter.


We have nice movie evenings at home. Some of the titles, that we watched, are The Cove, Into the Wild, The Pagan Queen, Castaway on the Moon

Some newspapers wrote about us not long ago: Latvian and Estonian (see here page 12/13 for better quality).

My life has changed now when I am with her. I am waiting for every next day in my life because ever since it started to bring more adventures and nice surprises.

From now on I live not only in Latvia, but also in Estonia. That, of course is nothing special, because Estonian border is only some 15 km away from my farm.


About Pavels Melnis

Independent ecology activist, family farmer, gardener and forestkeeper. Musician: violin, guitar, singing. Hobbies: traveling by bicycle, learning to play different music instruments - accordion, piano, recorder flute, harmonica, drums; languages, theology, prehistory, logbuilding, repairing and recycling. Religious. Ecological. Love all things ethnic and traditional.
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