Free tour Aluksne

If you like to long-time low-cost ecology travel “nothing special” places with more nature and less people, then Baltics is a good option. I offer you a town Alūksne in the North-East corner of Latvia. I can be your guide here, offer you bicycles, a place in a country for your tent, garage for your car, water, cooking stove, GPRS internet access, and you don’t have to pay me. Activities that you can do in Alūksne region are berry picking, angling, under-ice angling, swimming in the lakes, hiking, horseriding (they won’t let you gallop there though), birdwatching, hunting, winter sports. If you are interested in historical sightseeing, then Alūksne region has Crusade castle ruins and remains of many Baltic German manors. Alūksne region has many small museums and some small zoofarms. Alūksne is a good spot, from where you can go and make short visits to places and events in Latgale, South Estonia and Russia.

Of course, free is a cheese in a mouse trap. No, please, put your wallet back into your pocket, it’s not about money. There must be a ballance in the world. If I give you my time, I would like some of your time in return:

I need all kinds of help in my farm. Easiest could be to watch, that my sheep don’t go to my neighbours garden. There are always some branches or grass to carry from one place to another or trees to replant. Of course, if you have other skill, it can definitely be used, for example, vegetarian cooking, basket weaving, wood works, construction, renovation, car repair. If you are an ecology person, you could join “Let’s Do it World” big cleanup (Lielā Talka) event in April (year 2015 cleanup is on April 25) and help to pick up plastic and other trash in the forests, that would benefit all the planet, because microplastic from here travels to Baltic sea and thus to the oceans of the world.

If you have a car, especially with a trailer, it will be a great help if you help me with transportation, for example, we could travel to Nopri farm in Estonia to buy some cheese or to Sänna Permaculture Manor, where is the closest ecoshop, where we could get some local organic grain. I also would like to visit some local events. We could go together south to Latgale region to visit craftsmen. I also might need something, that is almost free in your country, but is expensive or not available in Latvia, for example, used tires from Germany or cedar seeds from Russia etc., we could discuss and arrange the details.

Languages that I speak are English, German, Russian, Latvian, I am learning Estonian at the moment.

Contact me if you are interested –


I am ecology and self-development person. I will ask for money if you want to drink alcohol, smoke, leave garbage, pollute local waters with excessive use of shampoo and other washing agents – 10 eur a day per person. If you are a gadget person, then electricity costs me 0,16 eur/kWh. Money is necessary if you need a car or anything else, that I don’t have but you would like me to arrange for you. If you don’t have time to do anything at my farm or help otherwise, I agree to accept money donation at least 10 eur – that would be 3 hours in town.


About Pavels Melnis

Independent ecology activist, family farmer, gardener and forestkeeper. Musician: violin, guitar, singing. Hobbies: traveling by bicycle, learning to play different music instruments - accordion, piano, recorder flute, harmonica, drums; languages, theology, prehistory, logbuilding, repairing and recycling. Religious. Ecological. Love all things ethnic and traditional.
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