About me

Story of a city man who moved to a country.

Former human resources clerk, English/ Russian/Latvian interpreter, now a musician, forest owner, subsistence farmer, environment protection activist and traveller by bicycle. Since 2012 a beginner logbuilder.

Future plans – to found an environment protection NGO – ecovillage/nature learning centre “Dieva Auss” (Gods Ear).

This website helps me to organize my knowledge and share it as well. The idea of such website came to three friends ten years ago, when we were young, filled with conspiracy theories and feelings about world going wrong, so we thought that each one of us takes a certain language, that was german, english and russian, to create some resistance within society against general selfdestruction. Time went on, one friend moved to Germany, another to Great Britain, but I stayed in Latvia to learn more and now here I am at your disposal.

Postal address:

Pāvels Melnis, “Ausēji-2”, Alūksnes novads, Latvija, LV-4350

Postal address Nr.2 if you are afraid that postman might get lost in the woods or snows:

Pāvels Melnis, Torņa 11-25, Alūksne, LV-4301

Phone: (use http://www.bite.lv to send free sms)

+371 26849315

E-mail: pavels.melnis {at} inbox.lv Skype: pavlix22

Map: (my own place)

Bank account details:


My name is Pavels, family name – Melnis.

Year 2011 – I have completely moved back to my family house in the countryside. Place was a part of Fianden manor of Valka district in Latvia before my grandgrandfather as a member of a military campaign against so called White army of Bermondt used his preemptive right to buy land nationalized from descendants of an Order of Templar Knights (appeared  from Roman Empire expansion to Baltics). Afterwards Soviet times came with a “whip of scorpion” proletariat dictate – labor force movement, intensive agriculture, elimination of church and other kinds of abuse of people and environment.  Then the empire fell, and my father claimed his preemptive rights for the family property in the beginning of 90’ies.  The place was let to have some rest for about ten years. Now it’s time to start living and working there. I decided to blog my progress here.

I was born on 7 April 1983 in Soviet Union to a Latvian father Eriks Melnis – military radar operator and radio technician, air forces expert and military historian – and Russian mother Vera Minushkina – Russian literature expert and English language teacher. I was Baptized in Russian Orthodox Christian church and raised behind a concrete wall – in Monino – closed military town of Air Forces Academy – and in Tambov city of uncountable churches and where I started to receive my musical education as a violin player. When the Old, Soviet union was over my father could finally break his contract with armed forces and return home to Latvia taking his family including me with him. He bought back his grandfathers house and land which was the point where I started to think about farming and gardening. I grew up, went to the big city to study law, because I thought that government desperately needs a good lawmaker guy like me. Since the traditional Latvian culture somehow did not return to the society, I never had a clear image of how to live. Freedom combined with spiritual emptiness created chaos in all society and including me. I decided to find these roots and in 2007 accidentally got involved into authentic folkdance events (not to mix with official song and dance festivals) where I met a lot of traditional culture people, got a lot of inspiration, started to gather books about permaculture and crafts and otherwise to prepare myself to return home.

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