Why live in a country

Reasons why I decided to move to the country.

There are many reasons for me to move to the country, so they are categorized for easier understanding.

Economy: I decided, that it will be better if I work for real things rather than money. Value of money is different every minute and in every place or situation, in other words, value of money falls. One needs food, clothes, home. Money seems can buy that. The question is how much time does it take to earn money enough to buy food, clothes and home according to one’s needs? Most of all, food, clothes and home have to be of good quality and made of natural materials, in other words, healthy.

Health: First of all, no stress. Working and living conditions impact health a lot. Being self-employed means to be free, but you never now how much money you will earn each month. However self-employment in a country means you only need as much money, as the amount of taxes or rent. You never know how much is stuff going to cost tomorrow or if the shop’s going to be open at all. Living life without money, debt and subordination means having almost no stress. Stress is the greatest factor on which health condition depends. Having no full time job lets you have more time for yourself, especially for sleep 9h per day even for grownups with active lifestyle. Second, natural materials – with knowledge and skills of how to use natural materials person can make food, medicine, clothes, house and tools of highest quality and that do not contain any chemical, radioactive, biological and genetical poisoning. Having good health lets you reach higher ground in personal development, which is very significant for religious person.

Religion: Every person has image on heaven. Point of life is to align with this image, in other words – to develop one’s personality as high as possible. Development of personality includes development of health, logical mind and emotional mind. That is possible through life in nature. Fresh air, clean water and food, physical work develop one’s health. Artistic work with natural materials, growing food, building a house, making clothes and tools and doing other works develop both logical and emotional mind. Logical – because it requires calculations and doing sequence of interconnected actions. Emotional – because it requires intuition and feel, which is necessary to be precise. While doing simple and repetitive tasks, i.e. planting or harvesting potatoes, person can also sing, pray or think about universe.

Ecology: The best way to do something is to do it by yourself. Especially if it is ecology. Living in a country gives you opportunity to take care of your piece of land, opportunity to live without waste. Buy as much land as possible in order not to let anybody spoil it. Firewood can be used for cooking and heating at the same time, replacing nuclear powerplants and other toxic resources. Wax candle or oil lamp is a good light source in the evening when your skin and eyes need to rest from brightness of  daylight. You work at your home which means no transportation is needed.

Family: The best place to love somebody is in the nature. It is easy to express love by taking a real care of somebody. Handmade gifts, own flowers are better than that from the shop, because they were made with best wishes to a particular person. It is better to take responsibility for your children by yourself rather than forwarding it to doctors, schoolteachers, policemen, cooks, drivers and other people that have less emotional connection to your loved ones than you. It is also better to have more space for everyone, rather than piling up on each other in a city.

Fun: I want to make parties, have a lot of guests, play music. Doing this in a flat in the city might cause conflict with neighbors. Having a lot of food and place is necessary if one likes to have guests. Having beautiful garden, forest or river is fun. Animals, too.

Conspiracy theories: If you believe in and oppose a new world order, then saying no to civilization is much better than sitting your ass in front of the wallstreet or running around somewhere with slogans and throwing stones at the police. If you also beleive in Mayan 2012, you better be outside civilization, when new aeon starts. If you want to change the world, start with yourself.


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