Sacred grove

Sacred grove (forest of God) is and open air church in a forest. It can be any place that has holy trees and a river or a lake. Place should have a pleasant scenery. As less as possible of civilization (visual and audial noise and smell). If there is no water, the well is necessary. The well can be built anyway if more people attend such church.

Holy trees in Latvia are Birch, Oak, Ash, Lime and Juniper. Birch is known for it’s protective and healing (antibacterial) properties. Oak is known for it’s ability to transform geological energies. Trees should be as old as possible, except for juniper.

Church needs a monastery and at least one sanctuary. Sanctuary is a physical open air church itself. Monastery combines school, kindergarten, hospital, inn and scientific research facility. Monastery and ecovillage can be the same thing, if all the villagers have an understanding of God.

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