Dievausēji – gateway to your ecovillage

— Ecocommunities and ecovillages creation center “Dievausēji” (Place of the rise of God) —

The name Dievausēji derives from the the name of the address of the place “Ausēji-2” and the term Dieva Auss (God’s ear), which was first used for this place by my uncle who was one of the previous owners of it. He said, that when you are there, near this small peaceful river, among the oak trees, you feel like if you were in God’s Ear. Hilly landscape with a field surrounded by forests makes the place look like God’s ear.

I don’t know the exact meaning of the word Ausēji. Writing is also no clear, since different documents have short and long “e” letter – Auseji and Ausēji. Options are: the weavers (aust – to weave) or the place where sun rises (Saule aust – Sun rises). Word Auss (Ear) only sounds alike and is more a word play. Number 2 – divi – is an archaeological (relative to samscrit “Devas”) short form for word “Dievi” – Gods (plural).

Latvian word Ausēji derived from russian word Yevsey, which in turn derived from greek word Εὐσέβιος Eusebios. Eusebios means “to honour goodness”.

Originally I planned to create and ecovillage on Auseji-2 land of 30 hectares. Later I understood that ecovillages should be large, for example, Auroville is 500 hectares. Then I decided that Auseji-2 could be a small part of a larger ecovillage around it. So I changed the concept of a place to a gateway to create ecovillages and ecocommunities.

Anyone not afraid of cold climate can come to Dievausēji and live in exchange for help of 20 hours a week. Living in Dievausēji means maintaining your own permacultural garden of about 1 hectare, there is a separate 80 m2 house for volunteers, opportunity to make firewood on my property from all fallen trees and from alive white alder and birch trees not larger than 12 cm, there are bicycles and different tools available for shared use. In the neighbourhood there are state forests where you can enter and pick berries for free. If you manage to find a job online or in Alūksne area or Võru region, Estonia, then you have an opportunity to earn and save some money to buy land. This is how it works. You can live for free in Dievauseji, but you must not waste saved money on stuff. You collect money to buy land and make a home for yourself. It does not matter, where you buy land. It matters that you do permaculture there.

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