Path of Jesus Christ

Path of Jesus Christ is a life, where man spends his first 30 years in self development, then he devotes 3 years to find friends or followers, fight evil and finally in the age of 33 he starts a new life of peace.

Path of Mary Magdalene is a life, where woman waits for a man who is between 30 and 33 and is able to drive (7) demons away of her. She becomes afterwards his friend or follower, accompanies and assists him or they assist each other.


These paths are not obligatory and should not be forced. One should walk them only as far as there is no other opportunities. It just starts to happen.

I know not yet what happened to Jesus and Mary after his resurrection. I read New testament and didn’t find any lines stating a popular belief that Mary Magdalene was a whore. I don’t know yet what 7 demons are. There is a saying, the closer somebody is to God, the more demons attack this person.

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