General farm

— General Organic Farmer For Families —

General farm or general farmer is a concept, that means

growing as much different crops, vegetables, fruits, healing plants, fiber plants and animal products (milk, eggs, honey, meat, wool, leather) as possible

and processing it at home (milling flour, baking bread, pressing juices, making garments or clothes out of fiber etc.),

then ‘fair trade’ selling it directly to consumer

who first of all is a definite number of loyal customers (families) and then occasional visitors of a farm

General farm may also include crafts, such as woodworking (making furniture and household objects), pottery, weaving baskets and building of small cottages. General farm owns a forest for timber and firewood.

General farm is a low risk business, because it is independent, flexible and natural economy (small need to purchase anything, i.e., fuel, electricity) with lots of different sources of income.

Main resource in general farm is a human resource – general farmer has to be a person with a lot of knowledge, experience, skills, strength and good character.

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