Heifer international 2 – Time to give 10 sheep away

About two years ago I took 10 sheep and 1 ram in the framework of Heifer Project.

During these two years their number multiplied to 55 including males. Could’ve been more if I was more experienced in care for newborns… A few months ago I finished my participation by giving 10 sheep away.

I am supposed to give one ram away. But there is no demand.

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Plastic plague 3. One-euro-job for ecology. Autumn 2015.


Two years have passed since my last one-euro-job. During this time trash only kept on appearing in my neighbourhood. So I applied again for three months since October 2015 until the end of the year. Continue reading

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Do it yourself capo for your guitar outdoors

I play music instruments, including guitar. Sometimes singing in a comfortable tone would require a capo d’astro.  Buying one is a simple solution, that would increase my already complicated inventory, but I thought, there must be a more simple one, without creating more stuff.

Recently I thought, that taking any stick and attaching it to a fret, for example, with a rope, would work. And it really did. The only thing to observe is a shape of a stick has to match shape of a fretboard. Of course, it is not as good as a real thing, but outside of stage it’ll do. Tricky is how the rope has to be applied. When crossing, change direction of the rope to ensure that it pushes the stick tight to the fretboard.

Sorry for PP rope. It’s for an experiment. Actually I would prefer linen or hemp.

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Improvement of firewood making with handsaw – sawing with two saws at the same time

Sawing firewood with a handsaw is quite a timeconsuming process. Before I used only one handsaw to crosscut firewood. Because that’s how I saw others are doing it.

Today I came to an idea, that I could use both hands to crosscut firewood. So I took two saws.

It seems to work for now. Of course every single saw is slower compare to sawing with only one saw when person concentrates all strength on it. But here is extra benifit, because applying too much strength on a tool usually damages it, requiring more and more strength to use it in future or extra time for difficult maintenance. Having two saws at the same time extends life of every single saw and the life of a sawyer as well, since both sides of the body are excercised instead of only one.

Another biodinamic trick concerning metal tools and machines, I heard recently, is that leaving a tool outside to a fool moon light improves it for some “magical” reason. Knives get sharp and even engines work better. If it works for my tools, I shall write about it.

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How to effectively vacuumclean a carpet without spoiling air at home

Vacuumclean outside

Vacuumclean in the yard or somwhere else outside!

Also note in the picture the filter, which is taken out of the exit. This filter is not necessary if you vacuumclean outside. Air exit door is left open, which makes it easier for vacuumcleaner to operate. Chicken on the picture are just for fun.

I had a problem, that vacuumcleaning at home created an unpleasant “atmosphere”. Emptying or changing vacuumcleaner bag at least once a month helped a little bit. Then one day I saw a place where vacuumcleaner was built in the wall and all air just went outside of house. This made me think that having vacuumcleaner outside of room would be nice. Then I realized that it is easily done, if carpet is also taken outside.

I would like to note that I found it possible to empty and use again even single use vacuumcleaner dust bags. That helps to save budget and environment (if vacuumcleaner bag is not biodegradeble). Vacuumcleaner works the best with an empty bag. Even if the dust bag seems not to be full, it is adviced to empty it. This is also best done outside during windy weather to avoid breathing in some dust. I empty my dust bags into fireplace outside, since in my case dust is mostly wool, dog hair and sand. Having synthetic carpets would require emptying the dust into trashcan, since burning such dust would create toxic smoke.

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What to do with electric teapot that has broken lid mechanism

Some years ago we bought Kenwood electric teapot. I specially tried to get a metallic one so that it lasts longer and does not poison the water in it as plastic ones do. Unfortunately it had plastic mechanism for the lid and, of course, it broke, so the lid could not be closed. That means, teapod could not be switched on as well. Warranty time was two years and it was just over, not to mention, that I would have to travel 400 km twice in order to get the pot fixed in an authorized service. My father found a solution:

By putting a heavy object on a lid it is possible to close it and make the teapot work.

IMG_3596 IMG_3597

So the pot works on and is being used every day already for five years.

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Support removal of plastic pollution and other trash in forests of Aluksne region in Latvia


Nature in post-soviet European republic Latvia is being trash plagued. People from cities, towns and local inhabitants go to the forest to pick berries, mushrooms or just to enjoy nature. Instead of thanking God and nature for these gifts, they bring and leave their trash, mostly package. I must mention used batteries and quicksilver light bulbs, that are very toxic. Last three years I was looking for opportunities to pick up this trash, bring it away back to town, sort it and give it away to recycle companies. I used my bicycles, my father’s car, municipality+european support (one-euro-job) and Letsdoitworld campaign to collect trash in forests. This is not effective enough. I assume, if I had a trailer, I could save time and collect more trash.

The Budget

Financial support to obtain a trailer (i.e. TikiTreiler CS275-L, price 950 EUR, registration cost 115 EUR) is necessary.
My fathers car (VAZ-2121) load capacity is 500 kg and there is too little space inside a car. I would bear fuel costs, insurance, taxes, maintenance of trailer and a car, installation of a trailer hook on a car and costs of giving the trash away to the waste management facility.

The Forests of Aluksne, Latvia

Place of my activity is near Aluksne lake, which is connected to a Daugava river, that flows into Baltic sea. Baltic sea is a part of the World ocean. If region of Aluksne lake will be polluted by toxic materials like plastic, alcaline, quicksliver, heavy metals and other, then this pollution will travel with waters to the ocean, thus affecting all the world. Most dangerous is plastic because over time it turns into microplastic, which is almost impossible to collect. Microplastic forms Great Pacific garbage patch, it is found in animal stomachs If I could collect the trash in the forests now, microplastic and other pollution could be prevented.

Who am I?

My name is Pāvels Melnis. I am one of the few inhabitants of Jaunaluksne parish, Aluksne region, Latvia. I will collect the trash in the forests. If you are interested to see the situation with your own eyes, I invite you to visit my farm. You can contact me on facebook https://www.facebook.com/pavelsmelnis . My phone number is +371 26849315.
Some of my past activities, including photos, are described here:

Thanks so much for your contributions!

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