Prayer for Standing Rock

Introduction (see the end of article for prayer itself):

I always believed in a power of prayer. I admit, it depends on a person. Be it muscle strength or strength of a prayer, it is about practice, how strong you get. This is the way established by God, the creator of universe and, if there is nothing good left in it, annihilator.

I follow the struggle of Standing Rock Sioux Tribe against corporate greed in United States, where oil enterprises plan to build an oil pipe through the homeland of these people. I believe, the reason why the pipe cannot be planned left or right away from this sacred land is greed of investors. Oil industry pollutes everything where it is starting from mining site and ending with an exhaust pipe of your car.

I live in Latvia, far away from Standing Rock, and I cannot attend events taking place there now. I cannot afford to call the officials of the United States to express my opinion. I can only give up driving a car, give up plastic goods or goods packaged in plastic, I can give up synthetic clothes, because they are made of oil. I can give up food that is grown using nitrogen fertilizer, which is made using natural gas from oil drilling sites. But there is one thing that I can do on their request.

I can pray together with people of Standing Rock for Mother Earth and for clean water.

Here is a link to Standing Rock prayer announcement of December 11 prayer event:

I would like to publish my prayer here. I understand that this is against teachings of Christ, that religious practice should not be a showoff. But I would like to make exception. I think that if someone reads my prayer, it might receive extra strength. Jesus Christ told on the other hand, that his followers should be the light of  the Earth. And the light should not be placed under a table, but rather be on a table, so that all room could be enlightened. I do not pray for a new motorbike, career development or miraculous healing of my illnesses. I pray for common good and the good of the Supreme Creators work results, so I believe, it can be open. Here is my prayer. Please, read it and pay attention to the current events at Standing Rock. Take action, if you can.

Dear God, the Supreme Creator and Annihilator of universe, the One above my understanding. You created this Mother Earth and life on it. You govern it and you are the Supreme Lord here just as anywhere else in universe. You gave us wisdom how to live and take care of life on Earth. I pray to You to pay attention to what is Yours, for Your magnificent work of creation on this Earth is gradually defiled and destroyed by people of greed and desire. Humanity is obsessed with burning “the blood of serpents”. People learned to extract crude oil from deep under the ground. There is invisible force that supports the spread of use of items made of crude oil. People dress in serpent blood (polyester, polyamide garments) and even grow food out of it (nitrogen and sulfur fertilizer, pesticides). Crude oil gives individuals great power to destroy. I pray to You to protect life on Earth by creating obstacles for crude oil industry. I pray to You for decline of its rule on Your Earth. I especially pray to You to bless people of Sioux tribe, who are now protesting building of an oil pipe in their homeland at Standing Rock. You gave this land to their ancestors long time ago and they keep it to this day with respect to life You have created and put there. This is the way they obey You and show respect to You. Give them your strength and send Your Watchers and Your Holy Spirit to help them protect the water, that is essential to all life, from pollution that will result from building a crude oil pipe. You have once prevented the towers of Babylon to be built. Now it is time for oil pipes and all industry. Show the power of Your rule and give us hope that you have not abandoned people devoted to You. I am awaiting for life without crude oil. Life thriving, simple and humble, where the only notable power is You, Lord.

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How to make hay without tractor on 30 ha of land. Cutting grass – harvesting direct payments. 2016.

This article is about how I made hay on 30 ha small farm without tractor.

It is quite difficult to start a farm in Latvia. There is an invisible political force which does not want you to do anything on your land. Reasons are simple – they want your share of EU direct payments. They will like that you don’t do anything with your land, which means there are less people to divide EU payments among. And big farms will love if you sell or rent your land to them, so that they could have your share of EU payments. EU payments are indeed important now, during times of declining population, that is, shrinking market.

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Heifer international 2 – Time to give 10 sheep away

About two years ago I took 10 sheep and 1 ram in the framework of Heifer Project.

During these two years their number multiplied to 55 including males. Could’ve been more if I was more experienced in care for newborns… A few months ago I finished my participation by giving 10 sheep away.

I am supposed to give one ram away. But there is no demand.

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Plastic plague 3. One-euro-job for ecology. Autumn 2015.


Two years have passed since my last one-euro-job. During this time trash only kept on appearing in my neighbourhood. So I applied again for three months since October 2015 until the end of the year. Continue reading

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Do it yourself capo for your guitar outdoors

I play music instruments, including guitar. Sometimes singing in a comfortable tone would require a capo d’astro.  Buying one is a simple solution, that would increase my already complicated inventory, but I thought, there must be a more simple one, without creating more stuff.

Recently I thought, that taking any stick and attaching it to a fret, for example, with a rope, would work. And it really did. The only thing to observe is a shape of a stick has to match shape of a fretboard. Of course, it is not as good as a real thing, but outside of stage it’ll do. Tricky is how the rope has to be applied. When crossing, change direction of the rope to ensure that it pushes the stick tight to the fretboard.

Sorry for PP rope. It’s for an experiment. Actually I would prefer linen or hemp.

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Improvement of firewood making with handsaw – sawing with two saws at the same time

Sawing firewood with a handsaw is quite a timeconsuming process. Before I used only one handsaw to crosscut firewood. Because that’s how I saw others are doing it.

Today I came to an idea, that I could use both hands to crosscut firewood. So I took two saws.

It seems to work for now. Of course every single saw is slower compare to sawing with only one saw when person concentrates all strength on it. But here is extra benifit, because applying too much strength on a tool usually damages it, requiring more and more strength to use it in future or extra time for difficult maintenance. Having two saws at the same time extends life of every single saw and the life of a sawyer as well, since both sides of the body are excercised instead of only one.

Another biodinamic trick concerning metal tools and machines, I heard recently, is that leaving a tool outside to a fool moon light improves it for some “magical” reason. Knives get sharp and even engines work better. If it works for my tools, I shall write about it.

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How to effectively vacuumclean a carpet without spoiling air at home

Vacuumclean outside

Vacuumclean in the yard or somwhere else outside!

Also note in the picture the filter, which is taken out of the exit. This filter is not necessary if you vacuumclean outside. Air exit door is left open, which makes it easier for vacuumcleaner to operate. Chicken on the picture are just for fun.

I had a problem, that vacuumcleaning at home created an unpleasant “atmosphere”. Emptying or changing vacuumcleaner bag at least once a month helped a little bit. Then one day I saw a place where vacuumcleaner was built in the wall and all air just went outside of house. This made me think that having vacuumcleaner outside of room would be nice. Then I realized that it is easily done, if carpet is also taken outside.

I would like to note that I found it possible to empty and use again even single use vacuumcleaner dust bags. That helps to save budget and environment (if vacuumcleaner bag is not biodegradeble). Vacuumcleaner works the best with an empty bag. Even if the dust bag seems not to be full, it is adviced to empty it. This is also best done outside during windy weather to avoid breathing in some dust. I empty my dust bags into fireplace outside, since in my case dust is mostly wool, dog hair and sand. Having synthetic carpets would require emptying the dust into trashcan, since burning such dust would create toxic smoke.

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