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Support removal of plastic pollution and other trash in forests of Aluksne region in Latvia

http://www.wethetrees.com/campaigns/support-removal-of-plastic-pollution-and-other-trash-in-forests-of-aluksne-region-in-latvia Nature in post-soviet European republic Latvia is being trash plagued. People from cities, towns and local inhabitants go to the forest to pick berries, mushrooms or just to enjoy nature. Instead of thanking God and nature for these gifts, … Continue reading

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Support collecting of plastic and other trash in Latvian forests!

[update: we managed to acquire trailer, so donations for this activity are not necessary] I need support to maintain a car and to obtain a trailer, that will be used to transport trash from the forests to a waste management site. Crowdfunding … Continue reading

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Plastic plague. Trash-careless people.

My life would go on much faster if people in my neighbourhood would be more eco-educated or maybe had a warmer heart towards nature. I have to spend much time collecting trash from my forest and from the roadsides. My … Continue reading

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Travelling through Latvia to visit homeland Alūksne, spring 2012

Sometimes I of course went home. Mostly I travelled by bicycle on friday exactly after the lessons. Usually I started at 16:00 o’ clock and arrived to my parents place in Alūksne town at 1 o’clock in the night. Even … Continue reading

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