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A lot of plastic is being burnt in Latvia

People in the world. Please share this information, so that at some point it reaches European Commission or other European institution upon which the Republic of Latvia is dependent as a member state of EU. There is really a lot … Continue reading

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Alūksne region was one step away from having an ecovillage and alternative (knowledge balanced with skills) school

Education system of Latvia is suffering from encyclopedic type of education – mostly we learn only to read and write. Such education system has resulted in unbearable bureaucracy culture in Latvia. There is a lot of office workers and very … Continue reading

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Prayer for Standing Rock

Introduction (see the end of article for prayer itself): I always believed in a power of prayer. I admit, it depends on a person. Be it muscle strength or strength of a prayer, it is about practice, how strong you get. This … Continue reading

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How to make hay without tractor on 30 ha of land. Cutting grass – harvesting direct payments. 2016.

This article is about how I made hay on 30 ha small farm without tractor. It is quite difficult to start a farm in Latvia. There is an invisible political force which does not want you to do anything on your … Continue reading

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Heifer international 2 – Time to give 10 sheep away

About two years ago I took 10 sheep and 1 ram in the framework of Heifer Project. During these two years their number multiplied to 55 including males. Could’ve been more if I was more experienced in care for newborns… A few … Continue reading

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Plastic plague 3. One-euro-job for ecology. Autumn 2015.

Two years have passed since my last one-euro-job. During this time trash only kept on appearing in my neighbourhood. So I applied again for three months since October 2015 until the end of the year.

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Improvement of firewood making with handsaw – sawing with two saws at the same time

Sawing firewood with a handsaw is quite a timeconsuming process. Before I used only one handsaw to crosscut firewood. Because that’s how I saw others are doing it. Today I came to an idea, that I could use both hands … Continue reading

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