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Why to create ecovillage and ecocommunity?

I previously published a call to create an ecocommunity by commonly purchasing land in Alūksne area, Latvia and dividing it among participants according to contribution. One of acquaintances responded with a question “Why would anyone buy land just because you … Continue reading

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Aicinājums veidot ekokopienu

Aicinu ikvienu videi, dabai un veselībai saudzīga (ekoloģiska) dzīvesveida piekritēju vai atbalstītāju piebiedroties man ekokopienas un ekociemata veidošanā Alūksnes ezera apvidū. Piedāvāju:

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Beauty of old apple trees

One day I heard a terrible crashing noise behind my house. I went to take a look and discovered that an old apple tree collapsed. I don’t know the age of this tree nor the breed. What a pity. You … Continue reading

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Why are organic grain foods sometimes bitter

Has it sometimes happened to you, that you buy organic oat flakes (rolled oats), take them home, prepare them, then prepare yourself for a heavenly taste and… get disappointed, because the food is bitter? Quick answer is simple – oat … Continue reading

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Early arrival of spring, Permaculture season 2014

Winter lasted only one month this year. Sheep were eating grass on the field until mid of January instead of November and in the mid of February I released them back to the field instead of April. Climate change or … Continue reading

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April the 1st and Dish-washing liquid abuse; How to reuse ceiling reflector-bulbs

If anyone else of you ecoguys experiences the same problem in a non-eco family, that people use too much of dish-washing liquid, let me tell you a trick.

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Permaculture season 2013 – in garden

Winter came and evenings are dark and long. I am not on the field so much anymore, so I can blog again until Easter I guess. This summer I tried different permaculture techniques in my open-air lab-garden. Some of them … Continue reading

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